Benchpress - Stay Hated

Benchpress - Stay Hated

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Дата добавления: 2016-11-09

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Countless years of pain and bad luck that's why my father taught me not to give a fuck. Life is short so don't let no one walk me, respect is earned and trust isn't fucking free.
Over years I learned from my mistakes, took my knowledge and weeded out the fakes, disconnected anyone from my life that wasn't there to help pick me up when I was down.


There's no such thing as respect in this world, everyone changes to fit the fucking mold. This world is a fucking grave yard for morals and integrity. Good intentions get buried six feet deep.

Broken lives and broken necks, this world forgives but it don't forget. Fuck your grey skies and your clouded minds. Stay hated til the day I die


Видео Benchpress - Stay Hated 2012 (Full EP)
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