Eskimo Callboy - Best Day feat Sido

Eskimo Callboy - Best Day (feat Sido)

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Дата добавления: 2016-10-15

Длина песни: 04:10

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Текст песни:

Like a storm
You take me
to the exile of my mind
Your my saviour,
the unknown,
somewhere before my eyes


This is me
following your footsteps
Trying to get actions
into the end
Is this you
perfect moment after?
And it's yesterday again
I've been searching,
I've been waiting
for the Best Day of my life

Can you feel me?
Can you save me?
On the Best Day of my life
Now I'm breaking, breaking, breaking on me
Wanna wake up, wake up from the death

I'll be fighting
I mean dying
for the Best Day of my life
Aufstehen, Z

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